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Benefits Of Negative Air Unit Filters

Use of Negative Air Unit Filters

Negative Air Unit Filters remove possible hazardous particles from the air through a series of filters. The negative air unit filters works through the use of ducting in order to remove contaminated air from a closed controlled area. After that, the filtered air is exhausted outside of the controlled area, which creates negative air pressure like a vacuum effect inside the controlled area. Hence, the use of negative air unit filters can help restrict the spread of pollutants to other areas inside the building. It also prevents the people or workers from inhaling in those toxins. In addition, it helps construction sites pass air quality testing.

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PPS Negative Air Unit Filters

A good manufacturer for this kind of need is the PPS company. The PPS is a leading manufacturer of Decontamination Equipment as well as Personal Protective Equipment. In addition, they specialize in supplying complete solution packages to a wide variety of hazardous industries in order to provide the greatest possible protection to employees and to maintain a safe workplace in any hazardous situation.

On the other hand, the PPS company has developed unique technology which made it the leader in protective suits and equipment for various industry including the asbestos, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industry's. The company has refined its capabilities while expanding technologies in Europe and the rest of the World. It also ensures it collaborates with industries, organisations and Governments to guarantee the latest technologically advanced products for the protection of your staff and customers. Therefore, making their Negative Pressure Unit Filters: PPS Asbestos as one of a kind and high quality. The PPS offers Pre-filter to fit the B200 & AMS1500 Negative Pressure Unit (NPU), Pre-filter to fit the B400 & AMS4000 Negative Pressure Unit (NPU), HEPA H13 Filter to fit the B200 & AMS1500 NPU, and HEPA H13 Filter to fit the B400 & AMS4000 NPU.

There are a lot of harmful toxins present in the air, especially around a construction site. The safety of the workers and the people who are affected by the site should be safe from the toxins such as asbestos which can be found around the air. Therefore, the use of negative air unit filter is important and helpful in restricting the spread of pollutants to other areas inside the building especially in controlled areas which are most likely to have contaminated air. This is also for the site to be able to pass the air quality testing.