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Control Your Online Marketing Efforts.

Create an unlimited number of customized, branded and personalized landing pages with forms — without involving your IT department. With PluraPage Landing Pages, you can immediately attract and convert more prospects from your marketing efforts.  This easy-to-use, proven solution was specifically designed to enhance your post-click marketing efforts.

Any user familiar with basic word processing software can easily post, update or remove pages, forms, post submission thank you and download pages as well as automated email confirmations supporting a limitless array of marketing programs and activities.

Some common uses include:

  • Information requests
  • Collateral or white paper downloads
  • Seminar or webinar registrations
  • Demonstration or meeting requests
  • Trade Show RSVPs
  • Purchase or Subscribe Now options

Advanced Features:

PluraPage Landing Pages is integrated into current CRM products providing a closed-loop solution for marketing efforts and reporting and enhancing your current investment. PluraPage Landing Pages includes the advanced functionality to create personalized URLs (or PURLs), personalized thank you pages, personalized email confirmations, secure lead collection and storage for each client account.

Marketers using PluraPage Landing Pages gain:

  • IT Independence. Marketing gains the power to create the landing pages they need without needing a database administrator, a webmaster, or IT support or resources.
  • Better Results. Results can be increased up to 40% with pre-populated forms.
  • Data Entry and Duplicate Elimination. All new leads can be uploaded (inserted) or will append only new data to contact records already in your CRM software.
  • Affordable Solution. Low incremental campaign costs under the pay-for-conversion pricing model.
  • Instant Page Availability. New and updated pages (URLs) are immediately available for use.
  • CRM Integration. Create personalized landing pages by using the data stored in your CRM solution.
  • Lead Source to Close Insight. Incorporate and track responses with the reporting tools already in your CRM solution.
  • Consistent Domain and Brand Use. Easily maintain domain identity, campaign and Web site look and feel.

Find out for yourself by taking reqiesting a FREE, No-risk, no-obligation demonstration. Everyone that completes a demonstration will receive a free copy of MarketingSherpa's whitepaper the "Landing Page Handbook: Basics 101", a $24 value.


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