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Differentiate your Advertising Inventory.

PluraPage Landing Pages offers you a unique differentiator over other advertisers. Developed to allow total self-service by your customers, you can provide clients with the power to create, launch and update tailored Landing Pages to complement their current advertising investment. The online tools are so simple, anyone with basic word processing capabilities can use it. It's been proven that personalized and tailored landing page increase response rates, which will certainly be a welcomed benefit by your advertisers.

PluraPage was specifically designed to facilitate the generation and launch of landing pages to support post-click marketing efforts. PluraPage does not require any IT support, giving your customers the control to quickly and easily post, update or remove pages and forms supporting a limitless array of marketing programs and activities.

Easy Landing Page Management

Some common uses include:

  • Information requests
  • Collateral or white paper downloads
  • Seminar or webinar registrations
  • Demonstration or meeting requests
  • Trade Show RSVPs
  • Purchase or Subscribe Now options

HTML templates and logos can easily be uploaded for individual clients and campaigns. Pages can be updated in minutes and the results are available to access by anyone with a Web-browser and internet connection. This easy-to-use, proven solution can support and manage all of your customer landing page, post submission thank you or download pages, and automated email confirmations. We offer a variety of pricing and Partner programs to meet the distinct needs of publishers.

PluraPage Landing Pages can integrate into current CRM products providing a closed-loop solution for marketing efforts and reporting and enhancing meeting your clients specific needs. PluraPage Landing Pages includes the advanced functionality to create personalized URLs (or PURLs), personalized thank you pages, personalized email confirmations, secure lead collection and storage for each client account.

Media Companies using PluraPage gain:

  • Product Differentiation. Your advertising packages gain a unique differentiator, offering clients an online tool to create custom landing pages linked to advertising placements.
  • Increase Client Spend. Provide such compelling services as CRM integration and custom page design to increase per client spending.
  • Integrated Ad Programs. Easily create integrated online programs that enhance your advertising offerings.
  • Minimize Use of Staff Resources. For those currently providing a landing-page service, you know how labor- and time-intensive it is to deliver this service. PluraPage lets your customers create, launch and update their landing pages with the self-service module.
  • Instant Live URLs. Landing pages can be created in minutes and are immediately available to use.
  • IT-Free Solution. Any staffer with basic word processing skills can create and update landing pages … without the assistance of a webmaster, IT resources or IT support.
  • Better Results. Improve lead quality and volume with pre-populated forms.
  • Lead Source to Close Insight. Responses include source identifiers providing closed-loop reporting for your ads as well as allowing your clients to track and report on results by using their current CRM reporting tools.
  • Affordable Solution. A pay-for-conversion pricing model aggregates costs across your client base and only requires a minimal monthly fee.
  • Consistent Domain and Brand Use. Easily maintain customer domain identity, campaign and Web site look and feel. You can also choose to offer co-branded solutions.

Find out for yourself by taking our FREE, No-risk, no-obligation 30-day Free Trial. Everyone that enrolls will receive a free copy of Marketing Sherpa's Landing Page Handbook: Basics 101, a $24 value.


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