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Quickly Create and Launch Best Practices Microsites ...without any IT Support

PluraPage Microsites gives users the ability to instantly create and launch custom and personalized clusters of Web pages designed to provide deeper insight and information to site visitors. Microsites can offer detailed information on a specific topic, event or product and includes the ability to create distinct, stand-alone URLs.

PluraPage requires no IT support -- putting control in the hands of any user familiar with basic word processing software. Users can quickly and easily post, update or remove microsites and forms, thereby supporting a limitless array of marketing programs and activities.

PluraPage Microsites includes the advanced functionality to personalize each page for the recipient, including individualized, pre-populated forms, thank you pages, and email confirmations. PluraPage integrates with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions providing a closed-loop solution for marketing efforts and reporting.


  • IT independence. Marketing gains the power to create the microsites they need without a database administrator, a webmaster, or IT support or resources.
  • Better response rates. Results can be increased up to 40 percent.
  • Insight into results. Know who visited and which pages they viewed.
  • Instantaneous live sites and URLs. New and updated sites and pages (URLs) are immediately available for use.
  • CRM integration. Create personalized microsites driven by the data stored in your CRM solution.
  • Response to close insight. Incorporate and track responses with the reporting tools already in your CRM solution.
  • Data entry and duplicate elimination. All new leads can be added or append preexisting contact records with attributed source.
  • Consistent brand use. Easily maintain domain identity, campaign and Web site look and feel.
  • An affordable solution. Low incremental campaign costs offered under a pay-for-conversion pricing model.


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