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Join the PluraPage Partner Program

Enhance Your Service Offering and Bottom line!

The rationale for adding PluraPage to your portfolio of services is strong:

  • You can either stretch your client's budgets further to provide greater returns, or easily improve your campaigns output for the same fee but with lower execution costs, resulting in higher margins;
  • The resale of PluraPage offers a new revenue opportunity with a higher margin than current landing page efforts, and dovetails cleanly with your current outbound marketing recommendations;
  • Improved campaign performance from PluraPage implementation means your output will exceed client expectations.

With PluraPage, there is no need to re-invent the wheel to support your clients online marketing needs. Your time-to-revenue,  service to your clients, and the performance of your programs will all improve dramatically when you become a member of the PluraPage Partner Program.

Today, we offer two programs to support Partner needs. Request a follow-up if you would like to learn more about our Partner programs.

PluraPage Silver partners benefit from an instant source for recurring revenues. Any of your clients that enroll through the branded landing page we create for you ... translate into monthly recurring commissions for the lifetime of that customer. All you do is simply recommend and refer the client to us through your own web site and we handle all sales and product support. A minor setup fee of $199.00 results in a branded landing page that is used to enroll and credit all new client inquiries and subscriptions. For the life of the customers Plurapage subscription, Silver partners receive a 15 percent recurring commission based on client volume monthly.

PluraPage Gold partners gain a whole new profit center and resource to enhance client services. Gold partners pay a one-time set-up fee for product access and then set up and manage all client landing page needs. Gold partners set up customer accounts, initiate landing page programs and bill customers direct for their use based on your own pricing policies. Gold partners are charged based on the aggregated volume of your customer accounts and then a 20 percent discount off current PluraPage fees. A $1,500.00 setup fee covers product access, a robust Administration module, and aggregated pricing.